The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation is dedicated to giving people a deep appreciation for the importance of conserving wildlife and their habitat by providing a wide array of educational opportunities focused on the positive values of wildlife management, land stewardship, and hunter conservationists.



The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation promotes wildlife conservation and outdoor education to inspire a personal connection and commitment to nature.

We proactively manage 4,500 acres of protected habitat to secure a key migratory corridor for wildlife, and support research.

We offer a variety of educational experiences including youth camps, hunter education, recreational activities, and remote wilderness experiences to encourage citizens to become active stewards of their natural resources.  

We support science and research to deepen understanding of land, water and wildlife, and embrace the tenets of adaptive management in maintaining and enhancing the Preserve’s lands.


The Jack Creek Preserve was established in 2005 by Jon Fossel, an avid bowhunter and fisherman, and Dottie Fossel, a passionate champion for preserving our nation's historical heritage. 

The 4,500 acre Preserve provides a vital connection between two units of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, extending critical wildlife habitat from Yellowstone National Park through the Madison Range and northward.  The Foundation manages the Preserve with a focus on improving wildlife habitat and migratory passage.

The Preserve was created to permanently protect this wildlife corridor as wildland providing for wildlife and to provide special opportunities for education, study and research. 

The Preserve protects our natural and historical heritage by promoting responsible hunting and the important role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation.

The Preserve provides programs and experiences for local schools, nonprofits and other groups that enrich the communities around Big Sky and Ennis and the surrounding Madison and Gallatin counties.




Offering a wide range of outdoor education experiences, research opportunities, and facilities for students, teachers, researchers, land managers, natural resource programs, nonprofit organizations, and visitors.


Managing for 4500 acres for wildlife and the habitats on which they depend, while also providing critical linkages to surrounding public and private land. 


Providing summer and winter recreation activities to the public including hunting, hiking, camping, fly fishing, cross country skiing, and other wilderness experiences.


Our time spent on the preserve gave us a deep appreciation for the importance of conserving wildlife and their habitat.





“I am delighted to put my passion and experience to work on behalf of the Jack Creek Preserve Foundation. The Preserve brings together my love of wild places, interest in stewarding our natural resources, and getting outdoors”.


SARAH DAVIES TILT, Executive Director

Sarah has worked for more than 20 years as a fundraising professional and program director in the conservation arena.  She is a principle at Conservation Benchmarks, and has worked for organizations such as Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy of Montana, Ecotrust, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, among others. Sarah has a broad experience in fundraising and grantmaking, and thinking strategically about how environmental non-profits can improve their productivity, technical capacity, and positioning in the conservation arena. She brings expertise in non-profit management, fundraising, communications, and event planning. Sarah graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Fine Arts in 1986. She is currently on the Board of the Trout and Salmon Foundation and has served on numerous additional boards and committees. Sarah and her husband Whitney live in Bozeman and share a passion upland bird hunting, fly fishing, skiing, and hiking with their dogs.

406-223-2273  |  sarah@jackcreekpreserve.org




Larry Holle, Attorney, President and Co-Chair, Attorney at Crowley Fleck PLLP
Dottie Fossel, Founder and Co-Chair. Ennis, Montana
Dan Metzger, Treasurer, OppSource.com
Peggy Taylor, Secretary, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
Merrill Arbuckle, Retired, Three Forks, Montana
Roger Atwood, Pope and Young Club, Rexburg, Idaho
Robert Beck, Sales Consultant, Ennis, Montana
Brian Benyo, Brilex Industries, Berlin Center, Ohio
Jon Fossel, Founder, Ennis, Montana
Scott Fossel, Retired, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Steve Fossel, Fossel Capital Management, Evergreen, Colorado
Scott Hammond, Hammond Property Management, Big Sky, Montana
Stacy Ossorio, Ossorio Real Estate Group, Big Sky, Montana



Will Fossel, Westerville, Ohio
Bob Garrott, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
Marc Glines, Retired, Ennis, Montana
Jeff Pals, South Holland, Illinois
Stan Rauch, Lake Preston, South Dakota