Preserve Wildlife Cameras, aka ‘Bill and Jan Cams’, donated by Bill Drulias and Jan Hill

We have been fortunate enough to add a third camera with plans to add two more.  These three new cameras are thanks to the generosity of Alberto Giussani, Stephanie Straus, Michael Urban, Brenda and Jeffrey Velasco, and Jeffrey Williams.   


Our Mission

The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation is dedicated to giving people a deep appreciation for the importance of conserving wildlife and their habitat by providing a wide array of educational opportunities focused on the positive values of wildlife management, land stewardship, and hunter conservationists.
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Our Beginning

The Jack Creek Preserve and its Foundation were created by the Fossel family in 2005 to promote wildlife conservation and youth education.

The Preserve is a 4500-acre protected area in the Madison Range of southwest Montana, between Ennis and Big Sky. The property connects two separate sections of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area, extending critical wildlife habitat from Yellowstone National Park to the Gallatin Valley and northward.

The Foundation supports management of the Preserve, as well as development and execution of our programs. We are a nonprofit organization recognized by IRS section 501c3, and are entirely funded by donations and volunteers.