Preserving wildlife and its habitat by educating youth about the importance of conservation.


The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation promotes wildlife conservation and outdoor education to inspire a personal connection and commitment to nature.

We proactively manage 4,500 acres of protected habitat to secure a key migratory corridor for wildlife and support research.

We offer a variety of educational experiences including youth camps, hunter education, and remote wilderness experiences to encourage citizens to become active stewards of their natural resources.  

We support science and research to deepen the understanding of land, water, and wildlife, and embrace the tenets of adaptive management in maintaining and enhancing the Preserve’s lands.


The Jack Creek Preserve was established in 2005 by Jon Fossel, an avid bowhunter and fisherman, and Dottie Fossel, a passionate champion for preserving our nation's historical heritage. 

The 4,500 acre Preserve provides a vital connection between two units of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, extending critical wildlife habitat from Yellowstone National Park through the Madison Range and northward.  The Foundation manages the Preserve with a focus on improving wildlife habitat and migratory passage.

The Preserve was created to permanently protect this wildlife corridor as wildland providing for wildlife and to provide special opportunities for education, study and research. 

The Preserve protects our natural and historical heritage by promoting responsible hunting and the important role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation.

The Preserve provides programs and experiences for local schools, nonprofits and other groups that enrich the communities around Big Sky and Ennis and the surrounding Madison and Gallatin counties.