Each year, the Jack Creek Preserve Foundation awards one scholarship to a Montana State University undergraduate student enrolled in natural resource conservation and management.  This undergraduate scholarship is aimed at education and training in natural resource conservation and management and MSU.  The scholarship is $3,000 and may be applied towards tuition, fees or other expenses. 

Qualifications: The recipient must: 1) be a sophomore or junior enrolled in an MSU undergraduate program aimed at educating and training students for a career in natural resource conservation and management; 2) have completed at least two semesters at MSU and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; 3) have a strong interest in wildlife/fisheries habitat and conservation; 4) an appreciation of the role of hunters and hunting in wildlife conversation in North America; and 5) have a commitment to a career in natural resource management.

Applications for the Jack Creek Wildlife Scholarship are available the first week of September. Decisions are made by October 1 and the announcement is usually a few days later.  The Jack Creek Wildlife Scholarship has been awarded to two recipients to date, Erika Nunlist in 2013 and 2014, and Tanner Cox in 2015.  


"As a result of receiving your scholarship, I have been able to continue school without stressing about funds for tuition. More importantly I have been able to make great advances in my field. After receiving the Jack Creek Preserve Scholarship last year, at the awards banquet I was recognized for my accomplishments, and given the opportunity to network with graduate students and professors which led to my appointment as a fisheries technician for a graduate student this summer. This opportunity proved invaluable as I not only learned much more about fisheries science, I was also able to learn about graduate school. In addition to this I made connections with many people who will be helpful with my intentions of attending graduate school and with my future career path".



"The MSU Fish and Wildlife Management Program has an outstanding record of attracting and educating fish and wildlife biologists that are recruited into natural resource management positions throughout North America and beyond. The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation's student scholarship recognizes and supports some of our brightest and committed students and I cannot think of a more worthwhile long-term investment in conservation as each successful student will contribute to our shared mission of effective natural resource conservation and management over their 30+ year career."




2017 Ennis Science fair winners: FINLEY KNAPTON, EMMETT LINGLE, and TANNER INNMAN.

2017 Ennis Science fair winners: FINLEY KNAPTON, EMMETT LINGLE, and TANNER INNMAN.

The Preserve provides an incentive to encourage students in middle and high school to pursue topics like wildlife, conservation, habitat, and ecology. Each year, the Foundation awards qualifying students at Ennis and Big Sky schools with $50 to $100 prizes for exceptional projects.